So what’s happened to the car?

A month ago, I had a car accident that showed me how vulnerable my car is.

My car was hit in its back-right wheel by other car (old VOLVO V40) at a crossroad near a small Finnish town center. Both cars were moving at 40 km/h or less. As a result of this collision, my car fell on its left side, rolled over the roof and finally fell at its right side.

The car is totally damaged: all its body and roof are bended and scratched, the windshield is broken, and so on.

Here is the picture:


  1. Please describe your driving actions when you realised you had been hit in the rear. What did you do?

    Were there any obstacles on the road surface like tram tracks or kerbing and guttering or median strip?

    Do you have any photos of the accident scene?

  2. Thank yor for your interest.

    There were just no driving actions of mine after this happened. We just have not realized what is happening until our car stopped on it's right side. So when being hit, my car just moved straight forward without any changes of it's speed or direction. There was no chance for me to do something wrong (or right) after the hit.

    The road surfice was fine. There were no obstacles on this good Finnish road.
    No tram tracks (it was in a small town), no kerbing, no guttering, no median strip also.