After the collision and while the Land Cruiser was rolling over not a single SRS airbag deployed.

I bought Land Cruiser 120 Prado SOL/R2 because I knew that it has 2 side-airbags and 2 window safety curtains. But not a single one of them opened up.

So, the fact is: the impact of the side-hit was enough for the car to roll over, but not enough for these safety systems to deploy and protect the passengers.

Of course, my wife, my child and me, all had hematomas because our bodies and heads were struck with roof pillars and other parts. IS IT SAFE FOR PASSENGERS?

Happily there were no pedestrians or other cars (except for the car that hit my car) around. It is easy to imagine how this massive rolling car could injure them. For example, this big car could roll into a bus stop full of people. Why? Just because it was hit not that strong when being moving not that fast at an ordinary crossroad. This can happen everywhere, no special conditions required. IS IT SAFE FOR THE OTHERS?

OK, there is one more point: may be my car was broken when this happened. But after this accident Toyota organized an expert inspection, and the report says that all car safety systems functioned normally, nothing failed or was broken. This means that this is NORMAL for the model.

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