Other safety information sources

I also checked other car safety information sources like www.safercars.gov, US resource of NHTSA (The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

I found this information about rollover safety systems (rollover air bags and others) "In addition to protecting drivers’ or passengers’ heads during a side-impact crash, some side-impact head air bags, or "curtains," can also protect occupants from injury and ejection during a rollover crash. This is important because ejection causes most injuries and fatalities in rollover crashes - most people who are killed are not wearing safety belts to hold them in place."
They also say that "Not all side-impact head air bags are designed to deploy as rollover air bags. Check with your dealer and vehicle manufacturer for the availability of side-impact head air bags that can also operate as rollover air bags."

This kind of air bags is also called RSCA (Roll-sensing Side Curtain Airbags).

So it looks this high-center-of-gravity-SUV Land Cruiser Prado that costs approx. 50,000 Euro is just not equipped with this type of air bags.. I wonder why it's so if the manufacturer knows that HIGH CENTER OF GRAVITY = ROLLOVER DANGER?

Now lets check this about Land Cruiser 200. Toyota's site says that it does have "Three-row roll-sensing side curtain airbags (RSCA) with cutoff switch" and also says "Side Curtain Airbags have a roll-sensing deployment feature that will inflate the curtain airbags at severe tilt angles, or in a roll condition." It'd be great to see any test resuls for them..

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